BoatRace Wakamatsu


13-1 Akaiwa-machi, Wakamatsu-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Gate Open
14:00(when opened for home night race)
100 yen

Event Hall

4 storied building with 300 inches indoor large projector enables to watch the race information as well as the race. This can also be used as event space for various other events.


A family space for parents to enjoy with kids.

Royal Seat

Paid seat for watching the race with complete relaxation.
These seats can be used for 1000 JPY during race (SG Race GI race rate is 3000 JPY)

Reserved seat

Reserved seats are available with reasonable price.
These services ailable to special day only.
500JPY on SG race & G1 Race days!

Food court & Cafeteria

Food court & Cafeteria can be enjoyed at the 1st floor of Event hall, 1st floor of East stand and 1st floor of West stand.